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Grace of God

Sharing the love of Jesus brings many lives hope and healing... Abortion brings pain not just to mothers, but fathers, families, churches and our nation. There is true healing from God when we come to our Lord, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Most of us who have gone through an abortion did not fully understand what was happening. Even if we thought we knew what was happening, we still did not know the ramifications of this medical procedure. When we feel so much condemnation within ourselves and from our society, we tend to hide and bury our pain.

But God says he loves us unconditionally. His love has no limit.

We can read the Bible with two kinds of magnifying glasses. One magnifies sin, while the other magnifies the love of God. When we read the Bible in the "Sin Magnifying Glasses", we only read that God is angry and mad. When we read the Bible with the "Love of God Magnifying Glasses", we can experience the true God who is full of love and grace.

The love of God is like a medicine. His loving touch heals us.

I experienced an abortion; I lived in pain for more than twenty years until I met the God who loves me no matter what. Knowing that I lost my child is difficult enough, listening to insensitive legalistic messages or words certainly tore me apart. Legalism did not heal me, but the power of love did. When we share what Jesus shared, love and grace, our heart mysteriously opens up toward God. If we cannot love someone who experienced abortion as Jesus did even to death, silence might be the better medicine than the insensitive truth. I believe sharing the truth with gentleness, love and a lot of prayer is the heart of God. God's forgiveness is for everyone, even for those of us who have experienced an abortion. I experienced the grace of God. It was the best days of my life.

When life is full of broken promises, there is a God who is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. (From Psalm 145:13)

Jesus is the fulfillment of God's promise, THE PROMISE. He will keep his promises till the end of the world. His saving grace is our only hope.

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