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Who We Are

"A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice;" (Isaiah 42:3)

Hope ministry is a ministry that shares the love of Jesus Christ, especially to those who are going through an emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical problem due to the crisis resulting from the misunderstood medical procedure, abortion. Our desire is to share the truth - that there are no hurts that God cannot heal. There are no sins that God cannot forgive. His love does not have a LIMIT. His love at the cross is much deeper than we can imagine. There are many of us, especially including teenagers, who have been severely wounded by this medical procedure, yet there are few resources available to help us. Sharing God's love with this young generation can bring healing and help prevent further damage in their lives. Even in this dark and hopeless time, there is God who loves and saves us actively today.

"We cannot define God; we cannot package God. But that doesn't mean that we are completely at sea with God, never knowing what to expect, nervously on edge all the time, wondering what he might do. We know very well what to expect, and what we expect is MERCY." From a message of Comfort & Hope by Eugene H. Peterson.

Sometimes, it hurts so much that we get an urge to go to the streets and fight against abortion. But the love of Jesus compels us to rest in his grace, and asks us to "Forgive as I have forgiven you." When His love touches us, there is healing. Jesus said "Where is everyone who condemned you?"

We all need compassion and love of God, who can bring healing into our hearts. Jesus is all we need for our redemption. Jesus understands all and he loves you.

Would you send us your testimony that will impact our next generation? We will post it to the testimonial page. For more details about sending your story on how Jesus delivered you from a pain of abortion, click My Testimony.

What we do

We share the love of Jesus Christ to those who are hurting from the loss of a child, especially anyone who has lost a child by an abortion. Our desire is to help parents to become aware of issues that will hurt their children through our testimonial DVD and this website. We encourage the young generation not to repeat the unhealthy and ungodly life. However we end up having an abortion, God's grace is upon all of us.

God loves you no matter what! His love and faithfulness never ends.